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ANCESTORS DAY at Dhammayanaram Monastery

PCHUM BEN - is coming up on 29 September 2019.

Significance of the Occasion

Once a year Cambodian Buddhists make offerings of food and other requisites to the monks in memory of their loved ones who passed away. It is believed that their generosity can generate a lot of merits to their ancestors who might have been suffering in other lower realms of existence. The blessings from the offerings to the monks will help relieve their pain and grief and might help them to be released from those unfortunate circumstances.

Most Cambodians who practise Buddhism treat this special day as a very important occasion for themselves, their families and community.


  1. Ceremony starts : 10:30 am.

  2. Monks Chanting Blessings:

  3. Dhamma talks in English and Khmer

  4. Monks go on alms round

  5. Shared lunch : 11: 45 am.