Social Fellowship - SENIORS GROUP

Our Seniors Group started on 21 November 2018. we met once a week on Wednesday from 10 am to 2 pm. We met four times before we broke up for Christmas and New Year period. We will resume on 6 February 2019. All welcome, both males and females. Enquiries to Sara on 0401 317 375.

Now that we have completed all the conditions of the Planning Approval, The Cambodian Buddhist Society of Western Australia intends to engage the community, and will offer social services within a framework of Buddhist practice.


Buddhist practice provides a powerful transformative force to free individuals and communities from suffering, contributing to positive social change and wellbeing.


We will cater for the needs of elderly seniors, initially, with potential plans to expand into other areas, i.e, carers and those who may wish to enjoy regular fellowship with other people through various day programs. Our social services are generously supported by Lotterywest, and the ANZ Bank, for which we are most grateful .


The Centre will be open for all who wish to participate, and is run by volunteers from all walks of life. It gives opportunities for visitors to

  • learn and practise meditation

  • topics on health and wellness- using the Youtube and speakers.

  • enjoy social activities and partake in shared meals

  • participate in community gardening

  • use our learning centre which features a library, computer and Internet access.

Our services will be coordinated by Mrs. Sara Gardiner who is our new volunteer.